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Arzon stays open during the COVID-19 pandemic by offering online delivery. You can easily shop online and deliver your pantry needs to your door. Stay safe!
Order from our online grocery aisle or our fresh ready-made food.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How does it work?

Is online grocery shopping available in my area?

What are the delivery hours?

Can I get same-day pickup or delivery?

Who will prepare my order?

How is my order kept fresh once it's prepared for delivery or pickup?

Do I have to pay more for same-day service?

How do I add more items to my cart?

Is there a minimum order amount?

How far in advance can I place my order?

Can I cancel my order?

Are there fees for cancelling my order?

Are there any quantity order limitations?

Can I track my order status?

Can I refuse products when I get my order?

How do I pick up my order at the store?

Should I tip the delivery driver?

What payment methods are accepted?

Do I get a receipt?

I don't have a credit card. Can I still shop online at

How can I be sure the products chosen for my order are the best in quality and freshness?

Are the photos I see online representative of the products I'll get?

What if there's a problem with my order after I've picked it up or after it's been delivered?

Why am I getting an error message when I enter my payment info?

Is it safe to place my online order from a public computer?

How do I get in touch with Arzon for extra help?

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