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To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour

William Blake

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Jul 15
Pick Some Things To Watch On Disney+ And We’ll Tell You Which Schuyler Sister You Are

Sign up to the BuzzFeed Quizzes Newsletter - Binge on the latest quizzes delivered…

Jul 15
The Fight to Stop Police Being Stationed in British Schools

Earlier this year in Manchester, a city in the north of England, teachers, school…

Jul 15
NYPD chief, cops hurt as protesters clash on Brooklyn Bridge

NYPD chief, cops hurt as protesters clash on Brooklyn Bridge

Jul 15
City of Philadelphia now suggests that Eagles fans might be allowed to attend games

Last SlideNext Slide One day after saying fans would not be permitted to attend Eagles…

Jul 15
How ancient cats lived on the brink of domestication

Cats can transfer a variety of infections, including MRSA, toxoplasmosis, ringworm,…

Jul 15
NEW RECORD: Oklahoma reports more than 1,000 new coronavirus cases, four additional deaths

OKLAHOMA CITY —The Oklahoma State Department of Health on Wednesday reported 1,075 new…

Jul 15
The app financial traders are using to avoid a New York City tax during the coronavirus pandemic

A growing number of hedge-fund and private-equity partners are using a new app that…

Jul 15
Megan Thee Stallion Says She Was Shot in the Foot, Not Injured by Glass

Megan Thee Stallion was shot in the foot early Sunday morning ... when she and Tory…

Jul 15
Engineers create a wireless camera that can ride atop an insect and send images back to a smartphone

Imagine seeing the world through an insect's eyes traversing rocky, uneven terrain and…

Jul 15
Gmail could be getting a huge workplace overhaul

It makes a lot of sense for Google to focus on Gmail as the lynchpin of its workplace…

Jul 15
22 More Jokes About “Hamilton” Because, Let’s Face It, We’ll Never Be Satisfied

Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to have memes right now.

Jul 15
A Baby Was Infected with Coronavirus While in the Womb

A French study has found what researchers believe to be the first case of a baby…

Jul 15
George Floyd family files lawsuit against Minneapolis, officers

George Floyd's family has filed a lawsuit against the city of Minneapolis and the four…

Jul 15
Microsoft cuts MSN news staffers in move toward AI editors

Microsoft cuts MSN news staffers in move toward AI editors

Jul 15
You’ll Have To Be The Ultimate Disney Fan To Get A Perfect Score On This Princess Quote Quiz

"This is awkward. Not you're awkward, but, just, cause we'reI'm awkward. You're…

Jul 15
How to write technical posts so people will read them (2019)

One of todays best bloggers in the functional programming space is Chris Penner.…

Jul 15
The trailer for A Suitable Boy will fill the Normal People shaped hole in your life

A TV adaptation of one of longest books ever written in the English language may not…

Jul 15
Shell mulls more carbon capture projects in Alberta as Quest hits 5 million tonne milestone

Quests CCS milestone is the perfect example of how the use of game-breaking technology…

Jul 15
Laughing at Quibi Is Way More Fun Than Watching Quibi

Taking pleasure in the failure of others has long been considered a grubby, poisonous…

Jul 15
New police body camera footage reveals George Floyd’s last words were ‘I can’t breathe’

New police body camera video viewed by CNN offers critical new context in the moments…

Jul 15
An Open Letter About My Health | By Elena Delle Donne

I take 64 pills a day. Sixty-four pills: Thats 25 before breakfast, another 20 after…

Jul 15
Desert telescope takes aim at ageing our Universe

The 6m Atacama telescope in Chile surveyed the Cosmic Microwave Background Another…

Jul 15
Teenage boy dies from bubonic plague after eating marmot

Teenage boy dies from bubonic plague after eating marmot - CNN

Jul 15
Walmart and Sam’s Club to require masks nationwide starting July 20 as COVID-19 cases rise

Businesses and cities across the country are requiring people to wear masks, which…

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